This week I saw a news cast about the shortage of construction workers and construction materials. According to the news, the lack of construction workers and material is fueling a huge crisis because ‘we’ need millions more houses to fill the huge demand for new homes. Hmm… The part about a shortage of construction workers is nothing new. We have been bombarded with news stories about a shortage of doctors, nurses, truck drives, hospitality workers, day care workers and on and on. It seems that every occupation you can think of is experiencing a shortage of people, qualified or otherwise – so a shortage of trades people seems to fit the pattern.

Isn’t it strange that only a few short years ago everyone was complaining about a glut of workers? Despite COVID, there hasn’t been a sudden increase in mortalities, the birth vs death rate is about the same and there has been no sudden spike in retirements. Have you been wondering where all the people went? Even more puzzling – if millions of working people can’t be found, who is it that is going to need those millions of houses ‘we’ need to build?

Am I missing something? The only three areas of human existence that seem to be increasing these days are those living on the streets, those using food banks and retirees. I’m guessing that the people in at least two of these areas of growth are not the kind that can afford housing and retirees are all trying to sell their houses and move to warmer climates. So… even if the demand were there, who has enough money to buy these millions of houses?

Yes, it has all the hallmarks of a conspiracy and it’s about time we unmask the culprits. It’s all a plot by space aliens to fool everyone into thinking there are plenty of workers, now hiding in caves ,who will emerge after COVID and be desperate for new houses. In actual fact, the space aliens have been abducting millions of workers and sending them off to their own planet as slaves. Needless to say, the aliens don’t want to the morons running governments to know what they’re up to, so they’ve flooded the planet with fake news about the need for millions of houses and the news outlets are lapping it up.

Yes, the need for millions of new houses is all a cover-up and YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST. No doubt this conspiracy will soon run on TRUTH SOCIAL. And what happens when the space aliens have siphoned off all the workers they need? There will be no one left in the world but politicians. Given the state of our world, the aliens don’t want them on their planet – they know they’re useless at everything.

TL:DR – It’s all a plot and where is Q-Anon when you need them?


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