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The Megan and Harry Show Meets the Pooparazzi

Royal Pains,,,,, How about that Megan and Harry?  Will their baby be dark or light or spray painted rainbow?  Will Harry and Charles kiss and make up?   Will Catherine and Megan ever get their hair done together again?  Will Granny and her consort, the Duke of Darth Vader, survive another royal pain in the ass?  …

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I can’t imagine any blogger not giving at least some passing thought to how wonderful it would be to attract thousands of followers to their offerings.  When it comes to advice on blogging, there’s no end of those who claim they can reveal the secrets of success. Having been born in the cretaceous period, I …

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The Twit in Exile, The Prime Ribber in X-Aisles

How does one survive rejection?  Ronald Rump, once the Grand High Imperial Twitterbug (GHIT) and recipient of endless adoration, is now living on the fringes of fame after being demoted by voters into a Totally Witless Insensitive Turkey (TWIT).  Democracy has failed him.  The Publicans, the party that rolled over and begged him to ‘be …

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