After nearly two years of pandemic Kanadoodle is now experiencing a labor shortage.  The first indication was news from thousands of restaurants, closed because of COVID and unable to find sufficient staff when they re-opened.  Well, if there’s a choice between slaving away in the service industry or staying safer at home, who is rushing back to work while government subsidies are helping keep the wolf away?

Then we heard little rumblings from the tech sector that thousands of jobs were going unfilled.  As the pandemic grinds on, burned out health care workers are creating a vast job market for more nurses, doctors and technicians.  And it doesn’t stop there. It seems that our supply chain is in jeopardy from a lack of truck drivers.  Television is pumping out stories about hardy lasses taking up the construction trades and women truck drivers joining the Teamsters Union while Jimmy Hoffa turns in his grave – if anyone could figure out where that is.

Then the news started talking about a ‘global labor shortage’.  Is there no end to this nonsense?

I guess I’m still scratching my head in wonder at these developments.  If there was a sector that COVID made real inroads in the death department, it was the group already retired.  The number of working stiffs turned into real stiffs by COVID is miniscule and the world’s population keeps growing. There are over seven and a half billion people on the planet.  Cities are bulging, traffic is outrageous, rents are exorbitant and the regular working class folks can’t afford homes or rental apartments because there are so many people vying for the same goods and services. More people means there’s flocks more millionaires helping drive up the prices.  And yet we have a global labor shortage?

Consider this:  Stats-Kan says:

In 2019 Kanadoodle’s population was 37.5 million with 15,4000,000 million full time workers  

In 2020 Kanadoodle’s population was 38.1 million with 14,800,000 million full time workers 

In total there have been about 30,000 deaths from COVID

So… 600,000 more people and 600,000 fewer workers.

Did 1.2 million more people retire than enter the work force over the year?

Give me a break… if all those jobs were filled before the pandemic where did all the workers go?  Are we in the middle of an invasion of the body snatchers or is the news nothing but a conspiracy to lure people off the government dole? It’s called COVID math… unless, of course, too many trucks and drivers have been diverted to carry loads of large, suspicious looking pea pods.


No lumps of coal in naughty people’s Christmas stockings? Don’t blame labor shortages or transportation problems, Santa phased them out in compliance with the Paris Accord on climate change.

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