Young Sheldon

YOUNG SHELDON – 2017 CBS – TV sitcom

Meet the Coopers, the family from Texas that produced Sheldon.  There are those who will already recognize the name Sheldon Cooper (as played by Jim Parsons) as the quirky self-absorbed genius from the Big Bang Theory (2007-2019).  In the Big Bang Theory Sheldon is more annoying and has more phobias and idiosyncrasies than might be deemed possible in a single being.  Having successfully run twelve seasons on this fuel, it’s no surprise that the Big Bang Theory spawned a spin-off series before it even gasped its last breath. 

The new season poses the question – what was Sheldon like growing up?  The new series starts with Sheldon at nine years old (played by Iain Armitage and narrated by Jim Parsons), living at home with Dad George (played by Lance Barber), Mom Mary (played by Zoe Perry), his older brother George Jr. (played by Montana Jordan) and his twin sister Missy (played by Raegan Revord).  Dad is the football coach at the local high school where Sheldon is now enrolled while mom is devoted to keeping Sheldon happy.  Not unexpectedly, nine year-old Sheldon already has developed a gift for annoying, insulting and driving everyone around him crazy. 

Right from the beginning the cast seems to meld and work together with cohesion and the episodes on the first disc generate more than their fair share of laughs.  You might think of it as a cross between ‘Three and a Half Men’ (Chuck Lorre had a hand in both) and ‘Malcolm in the Middle’.  I can’t tell yet if the show can balance the laughs with the sentimental elements that begin to creep into the first series.  A distinguishing feature between ‘Malcolm’ and ‘Sheldon’ is that ‘Malcolm’ never attempted any sentiment, aiming for laughs though pure zaniness that kept the series fresh and engaging for many seasons.  It will be interesting to see if ‘Young Sheldon’ can avoid the treacle in the long run.  In the meantime, the beginning episodes are certainly worth a look.


Sheldon Cooper returns in a ‘Little Bang Theory’.

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