More of Life’s Imponderables

With the earth warming and our summers becoming more hot and dry, why isn’t the sun evaporating more water from the oceans and making it rain more? 

Why are fire hydrants and signposts irresistible to dogs?

Why is it the moment you get to the room where you needed to do something, you can’t remember what it was?

Why is it we can worry about climate change and not worry about the overpopulation that creates the problem in the first place?

Is there a graveyard where all missing e-mail messages end up?

How can a show that’s been running since 1973 still call itself ‘young’ or ‘restless’?

If E=MC squared, does F = ND cubed?

Will the NRA be offering gift baskets of hand-grenades for Christmas?

What happened to the Spanish flu virus?

Why do we plant grass when moss grows better, doesn’t need mowing, watering and stays green all year?

Why do we keep electing the same political parties and think things might change?

Where do terror groups get all the money they need to buy weapons?

Why are most pets better fed than a quarter of the humans on the planet?

Is it believable that murder mystery shows set in small towns have higher homicide rates than war zones?

If protection from COVID came in the form of a shot of whisky instead of a needle, what would the vaccination rate be?


Wake up and smell the plastic flowers.

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