The Woes of Politicians

It seems that our own boy wonder, Dustbin Truthless, Prime Ribber of Kanadoodle and brightest star in the Libelous Party’s firmament, has waded into a vat of sticky goo just months prior to the general election. Indeed, the SNC Lavatory scandal has the potential of flushing Truthless out into the drainage fields.

It seems ridiculous to this writer that so much ink has been splattered on poor Dustbin for living up to the creed expected of every successful politician: never tell the truth when a lie will suffice, always look out for the interests of rich and powerful corporations, when answering questions always obfuscate and always do the opposite of what you tell people you’ll do if elected. On every one of these counts the Truthless Prime Ribbership has been a succession of triumphs!

Of course the opposition parties, who will do exactly the same if elected as they all subscribe to the same code, have been having a great deal of fun at the Prime Ribber’s expense; it’s part of the game they all play. Slander Shears, leader of the Consumptive Party, has ordered his Iglooarlimentry colleagues to leap into the air two hundred times a day, flaying their arms about while shouting ‘SHAME’ at the top of their lungs. Not only is it fun, it gives them all much needed exercise to counter the noxious air they usually breathe when in the Iglooarliment.

Of course there’s a great opportunity for the voters to do something wonderful for the country – electing a minority government. You may recall my preference in politics is never to let a party get a majority or keep an existing party in office longer than one term. It’s the only way you will get a little sense back into politics, currently warped by party machinations that really only meets the needs of a tiny minority of citizens.

Electing a minority government guarantees that any scheme passed into law has the approval of those representing at least 50% of the electorate. Now that’s democracy!

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