Enabling the Merchants of Death

These days down in ‘Murica (Kanadoodle’s great neighbor to the south), it seems that mass shootings have become the favorite past time for nutters. From schools to garlic festivals, it appears that there’s no place immune from the terrors of these homicidal attackers. The overall scenario is always the same. The nutter enters a crowded place armed with more firepower and body armor than was available to Attila the Hun in his lifetime of rampage. He then proceeds to shoot everyone unfortunate enough to get in his range. Horrified reports from the scene of the carnage are played relentlessly on TV news for several days. The nutter is captured or killed outright. The current Grand Hight Imperial Twitterbug (the GHIT – these days it’s Ronald Rump) calls on ‘Muricans to stand firm against terrorists (unless they’re from other countries, undesirables or bad hombres) and promises to weep copious tears, if and when his schedule will allow it.

Next we’ll find police delving into the nutter’s home, social media accounts and talking to his neighbors trying to determine the ever elusive question – WHY?

The answer this question does nothing more than put the nutter into a loose category: mentally ill, religious zealot, bigot or racial supremest. There’s really little point in this part of the story. The other question of HOW the nutter was able to obtain enough assault rifles and ammunition to sponsor an insurrection in a banana republic is usually short-lived and often dismissed by those who insist that things would have turned out better if only everybody had been armed.

It’s not that every country, including Kanadoodle, doesn’t have similar problems. History shows that civilization has an awfully thin veneer and humanity’s collective savagery can erupt without too much provocation. On an individual basis, there are some that live for the thrill of the kill and they can be found in any country. What makes ‘Murica unique is the frequency of the events. Most countries keep pretty rigid gun controls and it seems to keep the carnage down to sporadic outbursts. Kanadoodle, for instance, decided some time ago that hunting ducks and deer doesn’t require a weapon that shoots several thousand rounds in a minute. We’re more inclined to offer body armor to the deer.

In ‘Murica, however, most anyone can obtain any weapon, short of a nuclear missile, with a bit of cash and access to the internet. This ‘Murican anomaly is rooted in their history. The founders of the country thought it was a good idea if their citizens had the right to bear arms. ‘Course they were thinking muskets and swords back then and the merchants of death have made great strides ever since. In an age of super weaponry it might now be better to have the right to bare arms.

So while tragedies pile up, heads continue to wag and nothing ever changes. In this case the WHY is fairly simple, especially in a democracy. You can’t make political changes without the voters changing the politicians who keep supporting the status quo. If voters can’t get their minds and votes around this simple concept, then they’re part of the problem – enabling the merchants of death.

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