There’s quite a storm brewing in ‘Murica now that the GHIT’s appointees on the SuperPreen Court are set to strike down the fifty year old law that legalized abortion.   The ‘Publican Party and their traditional supporters are making sure that the moment the law is struck down, every kind of abortion will be illegal in at least half the states in ‘Murica and doctors performing them could be charged with murder.  With Kandoodle’s chronic shortage of doctors, maybe some of them doctors might move to where it’s safer.  Let’s make sure we offer them a friendly welcome from Kanadoodle!

The ‘Publican Party is well known for their moral views of late.  Most notable was their unwavering support for the GHIT through his presidency, promoting the ‘stolen baloney’ thesis of electioneering and even applauding the wild garden party Rump threw on the lawn of Capitol Hill.  Yup, this is the same group that thinks abortion is murder but staunchly defends the right of every loon in ‘Murica to run around the streets with assault weapons.  They also support the death penalty and don’t think there’s any contraction between that and opposing abortion.

Let’s face it, there are way too many people in the world already.  With the effects of overpopulation creating most of the world’s woes, it may seem plumb crazy to force people to have babies they don’t want.  Yet ‘Publicans would rather throw women and doctors in jail, force all those kids out of the womb and onto the streets, growing up poor, neglected and angry.  Shucks, it’s hard enough keeping any kid on the straight and narrow these days.  Even those that were wanted can end up armed and dangerous if they like conspiracy theories and watch Foxxy News.  But that’s the great thing about ‘Murica, whether they’re wanted as babies or not, when they’re old enough, the ‘Publicans will make sure they have access to all the assault weapons they want.  And they think there aren’t enough prisons now…

I have to admit, I’ve always wondered if there would even be a debate on abortion if both sexes gave birth.   Would those opposing abortion be willing to fork out substantially higher taxes to pay for the costs of raising unwanted children so they had real opportunities for a decent life?  Okay, I’ll concede that it might not be nearly so much fun as watching unwanted kids growing up and becoming a menace society.  It certainly can’t match the boundless joy ‘Publicans must get counting the number of victims in mass shootings while insisting that every loon deserves body armor and a license to kill.  Like I said before, it’s what’s called taking the moral high ground. 

TL:DR – Let’s ensure that every baby is born to someone who wants them.

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