MAX for Millions!

This is Max but everyone calls him Cute.


I keep telling him that he has a remarkable resemblance to the ‘Pluto’, star of U-Tube.  He shrugs off the suggestion, reminding me that he does not speak in annoying nasal tones.  He also points out that he’s much more handsome in any case.  You might call Max a dog for all seasons – as long as it’s not raining or too hot.  Right now he’s got it into his mind that he should cash in on all those good looks.

Well, I’m on to him.

I’ve recently become aware of how cleverly this little beast outmaneuvers we poor unsuspecting folk.  After much commotion and barking at the window during dinner, we decided to train him to sit on a mat near the table when we ate.  Each time he responded to the ‘come’ and lay on the mat, he would collect a treat.  All trained?  Well, now he hears the command, streaks to the mat and collects his treat and then waits for us to get busy eating.  That’s the point he sneaks back into the window room to resume whining or barking.  Of course I can call him again… at a price.

For a while he took great pleasure in grabbing gloves and shoes and racing off with them.  He didn’t make it easy to get them back.  He much preferred holding on to them until he had thoroughly inspected every item with his teeth.  We worked diligently at a ‘drop it’ command.  He quickly learned that an enticing little treat would come his way if he dropped whatever he had run off with.  All trained!  It’s just that now he’s expanded his repertoire.  He will run away with virtually anything in order to get the treat.  If we don’t notice he has something, he’ll carefully put whatever he has to one side, bark until he gets our attention and then wave the thing in front of us so we’ll know that it’s time to respond with the ‘drop it’ command.

Just who is training whom?

And he’s been giving a lot of thought to the fame of his U-Tube lookalike.  Surely if Pluto can make it… He’s got cunning aplenty with a good dash of duplicity, so I think it’s only a matter of time before he decides to enter politics and run for office.  Since he was born in ‘Murica, I have no doubt he’ll set his eyes on the Whitey House.  It’s likely the Publican Party is his best bet for getting the nomination.  After all, look at the Party’s last nominee.  Besides, it’s a Party that appeals to biker gangs, something that gets Max pretty excited.  The Publicans also attract conspiracy theorists and the ethically challenged… how attractive can you get for a dog on the move?  In fact, I saw him yesterday get out some paint and start working on campaign slogans.

Make ‘Murica Woof Again’ and  ‘A Treat in Every Pocket

Max – or should we start getting used to calling him ‘Mr. PREZ?   Bring on 2024!


MAX For PREZ – 2024!

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