The Twit in Exile, The Prime Ribber in X-Aisles

How does one survive rejection?  Ronald Rump, once the Grand High Imperial Twitterbug (GHIT) and recipient of endless adoration, is now living on the fringes of fame after being demoted by voters into a Totally Witless Insensitive Turkey (TWIT).  Democracy has failed him.  The Publicans, the party that rolled over and begged him to ‘be gentle’ with them, is fractured between those who can’t get over being ravished by the TWIT and those that can’t get over being ravished by the TWIT. 

The Demo-rugrats, lead by Joeb NolongerBidinghistime, attempted to rub the TWIT’s face in his electoral failure by calling into question his last, and possibly greatest, comedy routine – inviting his followers to a picnic inside the Capitol building.  Apparently there were Demo-rugrats who were not amused at the copious supply of hot dog mustard droppings on the hallowed walls of the building.  So the ‘Murican people were offered a delightful sideshow in which the TWIT was tried for a failure to generate belly laughs.  Of course the verdict was a given – who is funnier than the TWIT and what true-blue Publican is going to cross the former GHIT and his seventy million voters?

The result leaves the Publican party in a real dilemma.  There are those who believe that the TWIT has lost his comedic edge – that he’ll never recapture enough laughs from the people to become a GHIT again.  On the other hand, there are the Publican true believers who know that the TWIT will rise again like a phoenix and slay his opponents with a barrage of jokes that will split their sides with laugher.  Do they rally behind the TWIT or turn their backs on politics by laugh-fest and tweets and forge into the uncharted valley of ethics and morals?  Only 2024 will know for sure.

Mysteries of ‘Murica:  Can’t figure out why Publicans who were supportive of the GHIT building a wall on the Mexican border to keep the ‘bad hombres’ out, don’t mind allowing Tad Cruzp (a Ronald Rump ‘Light’ clone) to slither on down to Cancun to beat the recent Texas heat wave… seems like the wall is faulty. It leaks! Especially when it flows the other way… either that or Mexicans don’t have the same prejudice against ‘bad hombres’ from ‘Murica visiting their sand dunes.

Down in Kanadoodle, the Prime Ribber is gadding around the aisles of Kanadoodle’s Iglooarliment and assuring everyone that they will get a vaccination against the Confounded Ornery Vexatious Insidious Disease by September.  He cleverly didn’t mention what year and, as Kanadoodlians kick back another brewski in their igloos while wondering why Texas gets such balmy temperatures in the winter, they can contemplate the thought that vaccine resistant variants will take over long before they get their shot in the arm.  In the meantime they can watch the Playbunny channels to warm their blood.  It’s not as good as keeping an ample supply of the old brewskis in the igloo while they wait for Godot, but it seems a better bet than waiting for a politician’s promise.

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