Isn’t that Super-Preen Court in ‘Murica something?  As if striking down federal law related to abortion isn’t enough, they’ve overturned state legislation related to gun control and wiped out legislation aimed at saving the planet from climate change catastrophe.   Talk about your men in black (and one woman). 

I can hardly wait for the justices to rule that all gun controls are forbidden under the constitution.  Then we can start arming the inmates at Federal Penitentiaries so we don’t infringe on their 2nd amendment rights.  I’m wondering if the ‘men in black (and one woman)’ are in favor of allowing everyone to arm themselves with grenades, rockets and nuclear weapons?  Personally, I’m all in favor of having at least one Cruz missile, but only if he can be taken to the U-Crane and launched directly at Vlad (the Impaler) Pootine in Rooskie land.

I do believe that those ‘men in black (and one woman)’ are well on their way to re-establishing those golden days of yesteryear in ‘Murica where women will once again stay at home, barefoot and decidedly pregnant so their men can go out and do what men gotta do – whether it’s trudging barefoot in the latest ‘storm of the century’ (DEFINITELY NOT due to climate change) or strapping on sufficient weapons to wipe out a Rooskie battalion or blasting to bits a school full of kids.

Sure, there are those who are outraged by these decisions.  But let’s remember what elections are for and ask a few questions.  What political party put these ‘men in black (and one woman)’ into the Super-Preen Court?  What political party leaders are all in favor of these changes?   So what if there are polls that indicate a vast majority of ‘Muricans disagree or are outraged at the rulings?  Up to now election results haven’t exactly indicated a ‘vast majority’ of ‘Muricans are in agreement about anything.  If this vast majority is real, they will have to start VOTING for a change.  After all, there’s nothing that strikes greater fear in the hearts of career politicians than the specter of getting tossed out of office.  If ‘the majority’ really wants change, start there.  Just bear in mind that since the ‘men in black (and one woman)’ were appointed for life, even if you get rid of the cause (the idiot politicians), it’s still going to be a long road ahead. 

TL:DR – I can hardly wait for the Court to overturn the Emancipation Proclamation.

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