With inflation running wild, prices skyrocketing, world-wide supply chains in disarray, climate calamities an every day occurrence, agricultural output sagging, investment markets in a tail-spin and Vlad (the impaler) Pootine’s war in the U-Crane still raging, the average person is feeling the financial squeeze.  In fact, the only people with a reason to smile are those who have money invested in mortuaries or with the ‘merchants of death’.  

 There’s nothing like a war to ramp up spending on death and destruction.  It’s estimated that Vlad has sent close to 2300 missiles, at a cost of about 7.5 billion dollars, onto the U-Crane since his invasion began.  We’ve all seen the nifty pictures, supplied by Vlad, of Russkie missiles being launched, and aren’t some of those babies something else?  The low end ‘Tochka’ missile runs about $300,000 each while a ‘Kalibr’ missile sells for about 6.5 million and one of the super-duper ‘X-101’ costs way more than the ‘Kalibr’. 

There are a few less costly options – the ‘Hellfire’ missile is a sleek and economy priced projectile that, at $150,000 per round, gives a good bang for the buck.  But Vlad has used so many missiles that analysts have lately noted a decline in the Russkie’s use of them.  Why there’s even speculation that Vlad’s supplies are running low and it’s hard to get some parts to make new ones because of the western embargo against Russkie.  I’m sure we’ll all shed copious tears for Vlad if that proves true. 

But even the Russkie army can’t live (or die) on missiles alone.  A regular ordinary artillery shell runs about $2000 while the fancier shells like ‘Excalibur’, a shell with internal guidance and a range of 40 miles, costs about $115,000 per shell.  Things are going so well for the merchants of death that there’s even talk of a volume discount that could see the cost of ‘Excalibur’ drop to $87,000.   But let’s not forget the cost of small arms.  Aside from the hundreds or thousands it costs for a rifle or machine gun, even a single bullet costs anywhere from $2 to $3. 

I wonder how many remember the Falkland war when an out-of-date ‘Exocet’ (costing $200,000) sank a $50 million dollar British destroyer?  That was back in 1982 and these days a single anti-ship missile sells for around $1.5 million.  That’s still a great deal if it hits its target.  The Russkie ship Muskova that got sent to the bottom of the sea, for instance, cost about $750 million dollars and that’s cheap compared to the 2-3 billion dollar cost of a modern aircraft carrier.

How about the $5 – $9 million dollars for each of those slinky new tanks that now run up and down U-Crane’s by-ways?  And let’s not forget those $10 – $135 million jet fighters that streak across the skies.  Heavens, we could get carried away and factor in the big guns, the armored vehicles, the troop carriers, the food, clothing and salaries for those in the trenches.  Yup, the conquering megalomaniac has to have pretty deep pockets to wage war in these times of inflation.  Does it bother Vlad?  Apparently not – he says he’s starting to spend more money on ‘updating’ his military equipment.

Without even factoring the thousands of lives lost, the millions displaced and the undying emnity for Russkie that he’s created in the U-Crane populace and around the world, at the end of the day, Vlad and his Oligarbage buddies will have inflicted several hundred billion dollars in damages to buildings, dwellings and infrastructure all over the U-Crane. So, even if he gets away with stealing the Donbas, there’ll be a hell of a clean up bill at the end of the hostilities if the place is going to be of any use to him afterwards.

But that’s not all.  Vlad has single-handed spurred the world into another arms’ race that will pour trillions of dollars into the purchase of weapons – while poverty and famine stalk the globe.  It’s all part of the package when you covet thy neighbor’s Donbas.

TL:DR – In a better world, when faced with a leader who’s bent on being a mighty conqueror, their country’s people would lock them up instead of doing their bidding.

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