When you start comparing ‘apples and oranges’, most people view this as a sign that your argument is on shaky ground.   Apparently most people doesn’t include a few elected Publicans in ‘Murica, especially when it comes to defending guns for everyone.  House minority whipper Stevie (the Wonder) Scaldmeez says ‘Muricans didn’t ban planes when they were used in 9/11 to kill people, so let’s stop talking about gun control.

Right now ‘Murica has 330 million people, 276 million cars and 393 million guns.  According to the Publicans, it ain’t enough guns.  I’m trying to imagine the Publican vision of ‘Murica with 393 million planes.  Sure, it’ll lighten up the freeways but it’ll be hell to find a parking spot.  Once we all have all 393 million aircraft in everyone’s hands, we’ll get to watch at least one or two crazies per day crashing their planes into schools, grocery stores and large public gatherings. 

BUT WAIT A MINUTE – SOMETHING SEEMS NOT QUITE RIGHT!  Before 9/11 you needed a license to fly a plane.  After 9/11, you still need to pass a course to get your flying license and whole bunch more!  There’s a background check, security check and an entire bureaucracy regulating everything you do before, during and after flying.  Cripes you can’t even get on a plane anymore without producing more identification than what’s needed to gain entry to the Whitey House.  TALK ABOUT PLANE CONTROL – this is way more control than on guns – and those Publicans voted FOR IT!  In fact, right after 9/11, I didn’t see a SINGLE PUBLICAN complaining about PLANE CONTROL!  Makes me wonder if Stevie knows the difference between ‘control’ and ‘ban’?

I guess until Stevie can explain his thoughts on PLANE CONTROL, we might have to consider his argument goes well beyond ‘apples and oranges’ – perhaps all the way to ‘apples and giraffes’, but it does cause me to wonder if the reason the Publican party has become so ethically challenged and morally bankrupt these days is because its leadership has the IQ of a slow mosquito.

TL:DR – The greatest comedians in ‘Murica today are in the Publican Party.  They’re out there killing their audiences every day.

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