The spokesman for the National Rifle Association (NRA) says that the best way to stop a bad person with a gun is to have a good person with a gun.  Tell that to the supermarket security guard in Buffalo killed by someone better armed and wearing body armor. 

Stop the school shootings?  The NRA says the real solution is to put armed guards in every school.  Many states in ‘Murica chronically underfund the public school system and are often short of qualified teachers due to the low wages offered.  No doubt they’ll fork over big bucks and pay the armed guards better than the teachers – it’s danger pay after all.  Of course we’re also not clear if the kooks will enter the school and begin their mayhem before the guard is aware anything is happening or even if the guard will survive the initial skirmish against a better armed kook wearing body armor.

We watch the Governor of Texas sitting sad faced before the cameras, talking about evil and then someone has the audacity to start berating him about his abysmal record on gun control.  The Governor is not amused and thinks the man’s actions are inappropriate.  Coming from someone who is looking at field full of dead children and has squelched every legislative attempt at gun control in Texas, it seems rather laughable.  Not only that, the governor has been promoting legislation to drop the gun-toting age from twenty-one to eighteen (the age of the latest school shooter).

The news defines a ‘mass shooting/massacre’ as a killing spree that results in the murder of at least four people.  It’s something that happens more than once a DAY in ‘Murica.

After the particularly horrific disasters (schools especially) there is always a swell across ‘Murica from what polls describe as a ‘majority of ‘Muricans’ demanding that ‘lawmakers’ do something about gun control.  This is not only a useless sentiment, it’s one that I’m just not willing to buy. It’s not about what you say, it’s about what you do.

We’re living in democracies where getting rid of idiots is possible every four years thanks to something called elections.  It’s a two party system in ‘Murica. If the polls were really true, this ‘majority’ of ‘Muricans would already have done something to curb gun ownership by nutters.  This supposed ‘majority’ would look carefully at the candidates, their voting record and what their party stands for.  In ‘Murica, it’s really clear. Right now it’s the Publican Party that’s all in favor of every kind of weapon in anyone’s hands – not to mention their desire to impose one set of religious beliefs on everyone. If you want change, don’t vote for the likes of republican governors or Publican senators like Teddybear Cruzing.  

These Publicans are the ‘lawmakers’ that have been in government for decades.  Does anyone really believe they’re going to spearhead gun controls? They take heaps of money from the NRA to help their campaigns and vote against gun control at every opportunity (not to mention their willingness to sacrifice women’s rights to a religious agenda).  If the ‘majority’ of voters really believed in gun control, they’d have turfed them out of office long before now. A rational observer would have to conclude that the ‘majority’ of ‘Muricans must actually favor the mass shootings and carnage because, if they really wanted change, they would START VOTING AGAINST PEOPLE who represent the status quo. 

And is this likely to happen anytime soon? My guess is that Senator Teddybear and the governor of Texas will get re-elected in any coming election – along with all the other Publicans who don’t want to see guns controlled.  In fact, with mid-term elections coming up I’d be expecting the Publican Party to form the majority in the House of Representatives and the Senate, ensuring that nothing will get between the kooks and the weapons they love. Yes, it appears the majority likes their guns better than their kids.

TL:DR – One definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing over and over again, expecting a different outcome.  Vote for the same old idiots and you get the same old results, irrespective of how many ten year olds are blasted into bits by armed kooks.

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