“Bring it on.”  That’s one Freedom Fascist’s response to the Ontario provincial government’s announcement that they’re going to end the Ottawa occupation. Not only is their ‘freedom’ is more important than your freedom and their HONK louder than your combined voices, they’re thirsting for a fight.

Well, most people will agree that democracy can be a messy business.  I can only imagine how this scenario would play out in Russia if they were dealing with Vlad the Impaler.  But even a democracy has a duty to protect itself and democratic governments have enormous powers when they choose to use them.  Of course democratic governments don’t often use force, as the optics can be rather dismaying. 

But, some of us have been around long enough to remember the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago.  The protestors, opposed to the Viet Nam war, had far greater moral high ground than our current Freedom Fascists.  The high ground wasn’t much help when police clubs landed on their heads.  The general populace cheered wildly at the ‘hippies getting what they deserved.’  Some will also remember the ‘war measures act’ that was imposed by Pierre Trudeau in Quebec in 1970 and the widespread support that received from the general populace. 

Unfortunately our Freedom Fascists are rather fuzzy on both democracy and history and may not appreciate that one of the common results of both these events is that the famous ‘silent majority’ were solidly on the side of the governments.  The Freedom Fascists choose to ignore the ultimate protest in a democracy – the one that happens at the ballot boxes because we have the freedom to change governments in elections.

The Freedom Fascists have succeeded in disrupting the life of common folk but it comes with a cost.  Bring it on?  Yes, I’m afraid there will be a large portion of the populace standing cheering if the police/army start busting heads in the ranks of the radical right.  Not that any of this matters to this small band of radicals – they’re more interested in a fight.    

But there is a solution at hand.  Let’s give those Freedom Fascists a free ticket to the Ukraine, where they could volunteer to help defend a country where democracy is truly imperiled.   They can fight against Vlad’s upcoming invasion and win some respect.  Talk about a win-win.

TL:DR – Fight for real freedom. Take your trucks to the Ukraine and go head to head with Vlad.  

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