Search as I might, I just can’t seem to find the place in the Bible that says ‘Thou shalt not get vaccinated’.  It wasn’t hard to find the one that says, ‘Thou shalt not kill’, so I’m wondering why so many of the FW (‘freedom wimps’ – Honk! Honk!) insist that vaccination is against their religion?  It seems that running around unvaccinated and unmasked is not only an effective way of getting COVID, but does a wonderful job of spreading the disease as well.  So, if your ‘religious’ beliefs forbid vaccination, how do they reconcile with the idea that helping spread the disease might end up with you killing someone?

The FW insist that facemasks, COVID passports and lockdowns have to be abolished immediately.  While they wrap their rhetoric in the flag of ‘personal freedoms’, I’m sure most of them would agree that personal freedoms have limits in a democracy – otherwise I might have the personal freedom to kill anyone I don’t like without consequences.  So, if it’s a question of balancing personal freedom against public safety, I would like to know how the FW would keep the elderly, the health compromised and the vulnerable safe if all these measure were eliminated.  Is it a case of ‘it’s up to them to protect themselves’, ‘too bad for them’ or ‘my personal freedom trumps your right to a safe life’?  They can wave all the flags they like, but until they explain themselves in this regard, how can they not look callus, uncaring and un-Canadian?

When should COVID restrictions end?  The ‘ohmygod’ variation has spread so quickly that health officials have given up on contact tracing and said that everyone can expect to be exposed to COVID.  But, many governments still want to hang onto restrictions until hospital admissions go down to a more manageable level.  Is this not absurd?

Hospital resources are currently being overwhelmed.  Staffing is being diverted and needed surgeries and procedures are being cancelled in order to deal with a wave of severe reactions to COVID from unvaccinated people.  Want to get rid of restrictions sooner?  Just remember that being unvaccinated is a choice.  As with any choice in life, it comes with consequences – good or bad.  If people choose to remain unvaccinated, why should Jane’s hip replacement take second place to unvaccinated John’s COVID emergency? 

Get rid of COVID mandates now? So, should we burn out hospital staff, get overrun with patients and direct a huge amount of scarce medical resources towards those who choose to be unvaccinated when we could opt to let them stay at home and take their chances?

Does making people live (or not) with the consequences of their choice to remain unvaccinated seem too callus, uncaring and un-Canadian?   Hmmmm.

TL:DR – ‘Then let them die and decrease the surplus population’ – Scrooge  is alive!


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