Truckers driving their rigs to Ottawa to protest the vaccine mandate for cross border work.  Sure – waste fuel, create another glitch in the supply chain, add to air pollution, honk horns, use neighborhood snow-banks as toilets, soil war memorials and scream about ‘freedom’.  Let’s not think about the fact that most truck drivers are already vaccinated or that the US is also imposing this particular mandate so it wouldn’t make the slightest difference what our government did.  Let’s leave aside the multitude of crazies that have joined the protest, demanding everything from the government resigning to planting tulips on Mars.

 Yes, let’s get real.

Take out the BS and this ‘protest’ is really about having ‘freedom’ from COVID.  This protest wants everyone to ignore reality and pretend that life is ready to return to ‘normal’.  They’re tired of COVID, they don’t like vaccines, they don’t like health passports, they are annoyed with shortages, they hate lock-downs and they desperately want to do be able to go back to doing what they used to do before COVID.  Guess what?  So am I.  In fact, everybody is tired of COVID but, thank goodness, not everyone is ready to throw the vulnerable under the COVID bus.

Two years of COVID and these honking protesters have had enough – it’s just too much to bear… 

Imagine would our world look like today if those before us hadn’t hung on in the face of Nazi aggression?

You’re living in England in 1941.  You’re fighting for freedom but the war has been going on for over two years and things look grim.  Hitler has overrun most of Europe, disasters are reported daily, the Nazis are winning the war on every front and there is no end in sight. 

– Vaccines and needles are too scary?  Try taking a piece of shrapnel or a bullet.

– Wearing a mask too inconvenient?  Try a gas mask. 

– Lock downs not to your liking?  Try living in a shelter with bombs dropping on your head all night. 

– Angered by shortages?  Try watching your country’s supply ships sent to the bottom of the ocean by u-boats and living with rationing for nine more years after the end of the war. 

– Tired of COVID restrictions after two whole years?  Try six years of total war.

– Can’t take it anymore?  Think about living under Nazis occupation.

Freedom fighters in Ottawa?  Yeah – and then there are the tulips on Mars.

TL:DR – There’s more to freedom than having a big rig or a big mouth.

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