It’s All About Buggy Whips

Laurel & Hardy, Abbott & Costello, Nichols & May, may have been great comedy teams but they don’t hold a candle to our current champions – Ronald Rump & the Publican Party.  There’s a bond between the two that just seems unshakeable.  After his election loss (you know – the one that was stolen because more people voted for the other guy), you’d think the Publicans would have second thoughts about a return match with the Rump holding their banner.  Instead we have every indication that the Publicans are lining up behind their Rump – awaiting 2024.  It’s kind of like a New Yorker in 1912 that hears about the Titanic sinking and rushes out to buy tickets for the return trip. 

I know there are some who shake their heads and wonder what feeds this love fest.  I think the best clue was offered in the comedy shout-fest between the Rump his rival Joeb Bidinghistime just before the election.  Joeb talked about supporting clean energy and the Rump said Joeb was throwing Texas on the scrape heap.  That pretty much sums up the Publicans mindset when it comes to the Rump.  It’s not much different to the period just after the invention of the automobile when millions of jobs were dependent on the horse and carriage industry.  If your factory made buggy whips and didn’t retool for the new reality, you got run over by internal combustion engines.  Green energy is poised to do the same to oil so if Joeb talks about retooling and the Rump talks about oil, who has really abandoned Texas?

But that’s the appeal of Rump to Publicans.  They been sold on the idea that the Rump will lead them back to the promised land of the 1950’s – the world where ‘Murica had just won a war, optimism was boundless, there was an endless supply of cheap oil, nobody had ever heard of climate change, pollution was something you exported to third world countries, immigrants were European, there were plenty of good paying jobs, social justice was something discussed at the P.T.A. and everyone was happy – well, happy if you were white and lived next door to Beaver Cleaver.  

What Publican wants to live in a world of diminishing expectations – a world where white is just another color, where resources are becoming more limited, where the population continues exploding, where a tiny percent of the population owns most of the world’s assets?  Beaver Cleaver now lives in a ratty apartment he can only afford if he works three crappy jobs and the Rump’s promise to ‘Make ‘Murica Grate Again’ looks mighty fine.  Doesn’t matter it’s just another one of the big lies – it’s all part of selling a dream and hanging on to the buggy whips.


Publicans love their buggy whips.

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