He’s Dead But He Won’t Lie Down

Anyone who doubts either the enduring appeal of Ronald Rump, former Prez of ‘Murica, or the moral bankruptcy of the Publican Party need look no further than recent events in Washington and Florida.

In Washington, the comedy capital of the world, Publican Party leaders are being dismissed from their party posts if they dare to whisper that the Rump has no clothes – or mention that he really did lose the last election – or mention that he’s not fit for office in any case – or anything else except slavish devotion to the Ego That Walks.

In Florida the Publicans have just passed a new law that will impose huge fines against any of those social media giants that dare to shut down any political candidate’s account.  Oh yes, they dress up their rationale mighty fine with some hilarious excuses about protecting the ‘Murican’ people from the evils of corporate favoritism and manipulation.  Yes siree – it’s nothing to do with corporate ‘Murica taking reasonable measures against the scourge of purposeful misinformation, racism or sedition.  Would Florida Publicans mind quite so much if those dreadful corporate bigwigs banned Demo-rugrats from their platforms for similar reasons?  Is it possible they’re just trying to get the Rump’s favorite soapboxes back for him in time to start his election campaign?

Normally I’m not one to side with corporations but it does tickle my funny bone that the media giants actually took the high road and did what the Publicans in the senate failed to do – hold the Rump accountable for his belief that democracy fails when it doesn’t elect him – not to mention the constant lying and the little lawn party he sponsored at the Capitol.

Yes, the new law is all set to teach those Sillycone Valley billionaires that you can’t mess with the Rump and get away with it.  How could the Rump gear up to be the Publican candidate in 2024 and 2028 and 2032 and… and so on, without access to his ‘twit’ account? 

Since the new law forbids social platforms to censor any kind of bigotry and hate speech as long as its from a political candidate, I can’t wait to persuade Vlad (the Impaler) Pootine out of Russkie and Kill Ill Jog from Koreepy to run as a candidates in Florida.  This is a pair much admired by Rump and no wonder – they’ve all got so much in common: the same kind of moderate views and love of democracy, the goodwill towards minorities and opponents, the same quaint beliefs about the truth and the same unshakable belief that ego will trump sense in any electorate, if you really need an electorate.  Yes, there’s certainly a trumping of sense going on in the Publican party these days.  

So – way to go Florida!  Stick it to those media giants and make them take it lying down.


Used dictator anyone?

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