Life’s Imponderables

Is your life full of imponderable questions, wrestling with the meaning of life and the ‘big questions’ – like whether a red Bordeaux is better than a white Burgundy, whether either are worth the cost or if men will ever remember to lower the toilet seat?  Despite growing up in the Cretaceous period, I still have quite a raft of my own imponderables:

Why do the people at a meeting who have the least to say talk the most?

How can the fridge I bought new only a few years ago be having its twentieth birthday?

How can the doctors these days graduate before they’re seventeen years old?

How can people vote for the same candidates and expect anything to change for the better?

If Delirium Tremens (D.T.’s) are what you get after binging on alcohol too long, is Donald Trump (D.T.’s) what you get after binging on politics too long?

Why do computers only fail when you need them the most?

When nothing but electric cars are built in North America, will there be enough electricity generated to run them all?

If the universe began with a big bang, was it lit with a fuse?

Did dinosaurs become extinct because a giant meteor hit the Earth, or did they choose to leave before they had to watch re-runs on television?

Will we colonize the new plastic continent floating in the Atlantic Ocean before we colonize Mars?

If train X leaves point A traveling sixty kilometers per hour, and train Y leaves point B traveling at forty kilometers per hour, and there is a distance of two hundred and twenty kilometers between point A and point B, how many hours will it take the passengers at intersection point C to realize the tracks were stolen by metal scavengers?

If the sun continues in its usual course, why does anyone think daylight savings saves anything?

Why do people poison moss and plant grass when moss stays green all year without much water, doesn’t need mowing and is softer underfoot?

Will crypto-currency leave holes in your pocket?


Share your own imponderable question.

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