The GHIT Gets IT!

Like all great artists, the Grand High Imperial Twitterbug (GHIT), Ronald Rump and Prez of ‘Murica, is willing to make great sacrifices for his comedy.  After months of jabs, jibes and laughs against those timid Timmies that want to wear masks and social distance, the GHIT has now chosen the perfect way to further undermine those sycophants of science and prognosticators of perpetual doom.  He’s infected himself with Confoundedly Onerous Fearsome Internal Disease (COFID) just to get the last laugh on his opponents, especially Joeb Bidinghistime.  The GHIT even went so far as to book into a hospital, where he’s expected to arise in a few days time looking more orange than ever before. 

What better way to show his supporters that fear about COFID is only for losers than a personal demonstration that it effects real people no worse than regular ol’ flu?  Of course ‘Murica is now filled with prayers for his swift recovery – even from those who may have already had their prayers answered when he got it. 

With only a month left until the election, I have every expectation that the GHIT will take his COFID experience and turn it into a winning strategy, even if it kills him!  After all, you can’t keep a good GHIT down.

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