Collecting Roald Dahl – Pictures Pt. 2

If you avoided the last blog, this is yet another you should skip. I’m continuing with pictures of magazine covers where the first publications of Dahl’s articles or short stories are to be found/collected.

This is actually proving to be more difficult that I first imagined. I discovered that a number of my photos, taken years ago with a different camera, are no longer willing to export and there are a couple of pictures below which I can’t identify the Dahl inclusion… so if you know what’s in the Lilliput, Reader’s Digest or Argosy copies pictured below, please let me know.

Playboy June, 1967 article ‘007 Oriental Eyeful’
Playboy Jan. 1987 features ‘The Bookseller’
Playboy Jan. 1988 features ‘The Surgeon’
Playboy, Jan. 1966 featuring ‘The Last Act’
Playboy July 1974 featuring ‘Bitch’
Playboy April 1974 featuring ‘The Great Switcheroo’
Playboy May 1965 featuring ‘The Visitor’
Playboy Dec. 1959 featuring ‘A Fine Son’ or ‘Genesis and Catastrophe’
Playboy Jan. 1980 featuring an excerpt from ‘My Uncle Oswald’
Playboy April 1956 featuring ‘Taste’ published first in The New Yorker
Nugget Dec. 1959 featuring ‘Mrs. Bixby and the Colonel’s Coat’
Esquire April 1958 featuring ‘Parson’s Pleasure’
Man’s Magazine Oct. 1952 featuring ‘Black Mamba’
Lilliput 2nd publication of ‘Parsons Pleasure’ after its first appearance in the April 1958 issue of Esquire
Cosmopolitan Dec. 1942 features ‘The Gremlins’
Collier’s June 3, 1950 featuring ‘Poison’
Collier’s Sept. 4, 1953 featuring ‘The Devious Bachelor’ or ‘Nunc Dimittis’
Saturday Evening Post Sept. 20, 1947 featuring ‘He Plowed Up $1,000,000’ or ‘The Mildenhall Treasure’
Saturday Evening Post Aug. 1, 1942 featuring ‘Shot Down Over Libya’ – Dahl’s first paid published article/short story
The Writer Aug. 1976 featuring ‘Writing Children’s Books’
The Horn book set featuring the Cameron review of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Dahl’s reply (February 1973) and 2 related later articles
Reader’s Digest Oct. 19 ? Likely some reprint that I didn’t note
Life Magazine Dec. 18, 1964 featuring review ‘The Painful Pleasure of Suspense’ about the movie ‘Seance on a Wet Afternoon’

Life Magazine Oct. 22, 1965 features Barry Farrell’s article ‘The Gallant Fight of Pat Neal’
Telegraph Weekend Magazine Dec. 24, 1988 features the joint short story ‘Death in the Square’ co-written by Dahl, Ted Willis, Ruth Rendell and Peter Levi
King Magazine March 1965, featuring ‘In the Ruins’ the first publication after the story was printed in the Program of the World’s Book Fair in June, 1964
Puffin Post Vol.7 No.1, 1973 featuring ‘Spotty Powder’ (a short piece dropped from the final draft of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’). This issue also features an article by long-time Dahl illustrator Quentin Blake and the cover is by Michael Foreman, also one of Dahl’s illustrators
Argosy (Popular Publications) July 1952 featuring ‘The Amazing Eyes of Kuda Bux’
Ladies Home Journal Sept. 1965 featuring ‘My Wife, Patricia Neal’
Life Magazine Aug. 18, 1972 featuring a preview of ‘Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator’
Collier’s Sept. 4, 1948 featuring ‘Man from the South’ or ‘Collector’s Item’
Ladies Home Journal March, 1944 featuring ‘Katina’
Ladies Home Journal Sept. 1945 featuring ‘Death of an Old, Old Man’
Ladies Home Journal March 1945 featuring ‘They Shall Not Grow Old’
Ladies Home Journal May 5, 1949 featuring article ‘Love’
Ladies Home Journal Sept. 1944 featuring ‘Only This’
Redbook Magazine December 1971 contains article ‘What I Told Ophelia and Lucy about God’
Architectural Digest Feb. 1981 contains article on Gypsy House
Argosy (UK) Magazine contains Aug. 1966 contains article on Dahl ‘The Writer Who Gets Paid for What He Throws Away’
I didn’t note this one – it is perhaps a reprint short story

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