Collecting Roald Dahl Pictures Pt. 1

Collecting Roald Dahl – Magazine images

I have been a great fan of the late Roald Dahl for a lot of years.  I’ve written about collecting his books in this blog and, with the encouragement of another Dahl fan, Kristine Howard who runs a Dahl website –

I’m planning to enhance the earlier blog article with some photos of the jackets and magazines I collected over the years.  If you’re not much into Dahl, book collecting or old magazine covers, ignore the next few blogs!

Town & Country, Nov. 1945 containing ‘Someone Like You’
Town & Country Nov. 1953 containing ‘Galloping Foxley’
Harper’s Aug. 1945 containing ‘Madame Rosette’
Harper’s Oct. 1944 containing ‘Beware of the Dog’
Harper’s Sept. 1953 containing ‘Lamb to the Slaughter’
Today’s Woman Nov. 1951 contains ‘The Girl Without a Name’
The New Yorker Sept. 17 containing ‘The Sound Machine’
The New Yorker Dec. 8 containing ‘Taste’
The New Yorker Jan. 19, 1952 containing ‘Dip in the Pool’
The New Yorker May 17, 1952 containing ‘Skin’
The New Yorker Nov. 28, 1959 containing ‘The Landlady’
The New Yorker June 21, 1952 containing ‘My Lady Love, My Dove’
The New Yorker July 25, 1953 containing ‘Dog Race’
The New Yorker Jan. 31, 1959 containing ‘Champion of the World’
The New Yorker Oct. 31, 1953 containing ‘Edward the Conqueror’
The New Yorker Feb. 27, 1954 containing ‘The Way Up to Heaven’
Atlantic Monthly Nov. 1945 containing short piece ‘Smoked Cheese’
Atlantic Monthly Aug. 1943 containing the short story ‘The Sword’

Atlantic Monthly Aug. 1977 containing short story ‘The Hitchhiker’

2 thoughts on “Collecting Roald Dahl Pictures Pt. 1

  1. rosiegailor

    Hello! I’m wondering if I could be very cheeky — I’m a PhD student looking into Dahl’s adult fiction, and cannot find a reprint of Girl With No Name ANYWHERE! Would you please possibly mind, if you still have the 1951 Today’s Woman, send me some scans/photos so I could read the story? Thanks – Rosie


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