Dark Days in ‘Murica

‘Murica is currently embarked on the biggest educational campaign seen since the 1960’s.  As it was back then, there’s real dedication to getting back to the basics with a focus on the three ‘R’s: Rioting, Rebellion & Revolution.  There are masses of people taking evening classes that can last all night in the hopes that all these studies will lead to everyone being given a fair share of the sandbox. 

Not every seems to care for all this unrestrained learning.  In particular, there’s a lot of folks in ‘Murica these days speaking ill of their Grand High Imperial Twitterbug (the GHIT), Ronald Rump, for his tough stand against learning.  Since ‘Murica is moving ever closer to its next election in November, it might be useful to have a look at whether the GHIT’s opposition to learning is going to hurt his chances for re-election.

It seems to me that there hasn’t been a GHIT more in tune with his supporters since the good old days of Ricardo M. Nikkon.  Yes, I remember that Nikkon was driven from office for nothing more than living down to the politician’s creed (for those who’ve forgotten, some of the major tenants of the creed are:  never tell the truth when a lie will suffice, when in doubt obfuscate, talk the talk but walk the other way and always offer law and order in exchange for freedoms).  GHIT Nikkon was fond of calling his supporters the ‘silent majority’ and his belief in this ghostly presence paid off handsomely at the ballot box – he garnered one of the largest wins in ‘Murica’s electoral history in his second stint as GHIT. 

From my perspective Rump is also poised to win a second term as GHIT.  Those who dismiss the Rump as just another loud-mouthed lying, racist, misogynist, rich white guy miss the point.  He has all those qualities in abundance AND been elected the GHIT!  While he’s the GHIT he elevates all these traits to an art form and becomes the greatest comedian in the history of ‘Murica – doesn’t all the world love a comedian?  So the laugh is on anyone who doesn’t realize that everything the Rump does strengthens the bond between him and the silent supporters who made him what he is today – the biggest GHIT of them all.  

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