My Books – And Then There Were Two

After the phenomenal success of my first novel, ‘Punto and Me’ (yes, I only have about 99,992 more copies to sell and I’ll be a millionaire!), I cast around for inspiration for a second novel. It eventually arrived with my second novel entitled ‘The Odin Incident’ – Book One: Embracing the Owl.

This time the thought came from three different sources. One was from an author I like named Matt (Matthew) Hughes. He’s now mostly known as a fantasy writer and his first published novel was called ‘Fool’s Errant’. It was kind of a Gulliver’s Travels through the quirky penultimate age of Earth and I quite liked it. In addition I’ve always loved the Prachett/Gaiman book called ‘Good Omens’, a rather happy trip to an apocalypse. Both are fun to read if you haven’t yet indulged and I’m eagerly awaiting the new series based on ‘Good Omens’, soon to be released.

The other inspiration was from Norse mythology. I confess that when I was young I collected ‘Classic Comic Books’ while my friend next door was collecting the products of a brand new comic company called Marvel. I spent more time at his place reading those than he did at my place. They were my first introduction to the figures of Norse mythology.

My thoughts turned to the possibility of someone getting onto the Yggdrasil (the magical ash tree that connected the nine worlds) and traveling between the nine worlds of the Norse myths. As I progressed I sprinkled in a bit of historical cheek based on the concept that history is written by the winners. What would happen if the losers got the story? With white rabbits, a mad Hatjer and an impending apocalypse thrown in for good measure, the story worked out as before – quite different from my original draft.

And, as before, I enlisted the aid of my son Brendan for a cover and there we were, a second novel in the Kobo site. In case you’re unaware, Kobo format can be read on any e-reader or Apple device with the installation of a simple and free conversion program.

For those interested, or those who just like the jacket cover, here’s where you go:

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